Kochi Metro Transit Data is Open to Public

The first metro in India whose transit data is public now is Kochi Metro Rail. It contains the fares, stops, routes and schedules with latitudes, longitudes, station names, station numbers, wheel chair availability, weekdays and sunday metro train timings, arrival timings, departure timings etc. The metro train will stop at every station for 20 seconds. It will be very useful for the kochi metro commuters to plan their travel based on the information provided by Kochi metro data and reduce the waiting times.

Kochi metro transit data open to public announcement

Live chat is already introduced by Kochi metro for suggestion or queries on their website. This data is in universally accepted format like GTFS which stands for General Transit Feed Specification. This information is also useful for feeder buses or autos to reach the station promptly and helpful to reach metro commuters to last mile destination. Currently kochi metro is running 202 trips daily in both the directions such as Aluva to Maharajas College and Maharajas college to Aluva on weekdays, and 174 trips on Sundays. In May 2018 the frequency is increased from 8 minutes to 7 minutes between 8:30 a.m to 19:00 p.m time frame.