Kochi Metro Launching Passes

Another happy news for kochi metro daily commuters as passes are introducing at Eddapally station on 05-07-2018. These passes will be launched by kochi metro rail Managing Director Mohammed Hanish at 11:30 a.m. Mainly Daily commuters can be benefitted with these passes. As we will be having two types of daily passes one is for 30 trips and another for 60 trips. The first 30 trips you will be getting 25% discount and another one 60 trips you will be getting 33% discount.

Kochi metro1 card for representational purpose

These passes will be added to kochi1 metro card only, if you don't have money you have to top up the card, and you have to choose any two stations from you use to travel daily. If your travel extends the stations choosen by you, the extra amount will be dedcuated from your card.In any case if entry and exit matches with same station then also it will be considered as one trip. Fines and other charges will be deducated as per the kochi1 metro card rules. The validity starts from the day when card gets issued. And finally only one pass will be added to one metro card.