Mumbai Monorail Services Starts Soon

Monorail services will be restarted soon and likely to be in May as per Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). During the Phase 1 services the monorail ridership was 15 to 18k daily, now the second phase also getting ready for launch which runs from wadala to jacob circle, so the expected ridership to be 1 lakh per day. Currently monorail is having only 10 racks, in which only 6 racks are in working condition. The expected frequency from Wadala to Jacob Circle will be 20 min, and expecting a huge response from Mumbai. Earlier it was just 9km in phase 1 where as now Wadala to Jacob circle is 11km, so total distance of monrail service approximately 20km. The trail runs on phase 2 are successfully completed in March itself and waiting for the safety clearence.

Mumbai Monorail
Mumbai monorail (File Photo)

The wadala to Jacob circle got the safey nod, the commissioner of railway safety who issues the metro and monorail safety certificates has issued the safety clerance certificate. The bids are also invited so many times for operation and maintenance of monorail. This is in final stage of discussion. Once this gets finalized the services will be started soon. Earlier the operation and maintenance were carried out by Scomi Engineering which is belongs to Malaysia. Now it seems new operator will comes into picture.