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Kochi metro Launches Dormitory Accomodation

Kochi Metro - First Dormitory at MG Road station

The first skywalk from Edappally metro station to Lulu Mall is opened to public recently, now it's time for Dormitory service. After successful journey of one year with daily ridership of 40k to 45k now Kochi Metro Rail Limited has started concentrating on non-ticketing revenues. There are so many plans to increase the revenue, in this view the KMRL has started the world class dormitory services at metro stations. For initial launch of these dormitory services has started operations at M.G.Road station by Peters Inn...

Kochi metro1 card for representational purpose

Kochi Metro - Issuing Passes

Another happy news for kochi metro daily commuters as passes are introducing at Eddapally station on 05-07-2018. These passes will be launched by kochi metro rail Managing Director Mohammed Hanish at 11:30 a.m. Mainly Daily commuters can be benefitted with these passes...

Kochi metro first skywalk open to public

Kochi Metro - first skywalk - Open to Public

The first skywalk from Edappally metro station to Lulu Mall is opened to public on Thursday (June 14th 2018) in Kochi. The skywalk is available for service between 9 a.m to 10 p.m daily. The KMRL Managing Director APM Mohammad Hanish has launched this skywalk. Now you can directly enter from Edappally metro station to Lulu mall and finish out your shopping and you can step into metro trains. The vehiclular traffic can be reduced by introuding these skywalks..

Kochi metro transit data open to public announcement

Kochi Metro - Transit Data - Open to Public

The first metro in India whose transit data is public now is Kochi Metro Rail. It contains the fares, stops, routes and schedules with latitudes, longitudes, station names, station numbers, wheel chair availability, weekdays and sunday metro train timings, arrival timings, departure timings etc......

Kochi Metro and Uber ties up

Kochi Metro - Uber Ties up

If you are travelling in Kochi Metro don't worry about last mile connectivity problem from Wednesday. As Uber cabs will serve you to reach your destinations. From Wednesday the uber cab services are open to public at all 13 metro stations such as Aluva, Pulinchodu, Companypady.....