Mumbai Monorail Train Timings

Monorail Timings

Mumbai Monorail trains will run from 6 a.m morning to 8 p.m in the night, earlier when the monorail services are started it was 7 a.m to 3 p.m, inview of passengers in April 2017 more no of trips were planned. The capacity of the monorail is approximately 560 commuters can be travelled. Mumbai Monorail is the first monorail in India which started the operations. The next will be Chennai Monorail which will be opened to the public in 2018, and so many cities like Kolkata Monorail, Allahabad Monorail,Bengaluru Monorail,Delhi Monorail,Indore Monorail,Kanpur Monorail,Navi Mumbai Monorail, Patna Monorail,Pune Monorail,Ahmedabad Monorail,Aizawl Monorail,Bhubaneswar Monorail,Jodhpur Monorail,Kota Monorail,Nagpur Monorail,Nashik Monorail and Hyderabad Monorail are in proposal stage.

Mumbai Monorail Trains
Mumbai Monorail Trains (File Photo)

The current distance from Chembur to Wadala Depot is 8.93km long, the stations through which monorail passes through is Chembur, VNP and RC Marg, Fertilizer Township, Bharat Petroleum, Mysore colony, Bhakti Park, Wadala Depot, GTB Nagar, Antop Hill, Acharya Atre Nagar,Wadala Bridge, Dadar (East), Naigaon, Ambedkar Nagar, Mint colony, Lower Parel, Chinchpokli and Jacob Circle. The monorail will run headway of 15 minutes. Currently the mumbai monorail services are stopeed from November 2017. MMRDA is issuing new bids for monorail maintenance.The other monorail stations which will come into operational in March 2018 are GTB Nagar-Antop Hill, Acharya Aatre Nagar, Wadala Bridge, Dada East, Naigaon, Ambedkar Nagar, Mint Colony, Lower Parel and Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk monorail and jacob circle. This is a 11.95km distance. So total distance becomes 20km.

Chembur to Wadala Depot Monorail Train Timings Starts at
First Monorail From Chembur to Wadala 6:00 a.m
First Monorail From Wadala to Chembur 6:00 a.m

Monorail Fares:

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is planning to start the full pledged services from March end in 2018. In last November 2017 the monorail serviecs are stopped after fire incident. Now MMRDA is waiting for the security certificate from commissioner of railway safety, once it gets cleared the services will start. This time the total corridor from Chembur to Jacob circle is ready for monorail service. In the two phases one is from Chembur to Wadala and another phase is Wadala to Jacob circle. In the first phase monorail the commuters count is 17000 approximately with the 8.5km distance, now the total distance is 20km approximately and MMRDA is sure the ridership will be increased to 2lakh per day. Total stations will be 17. When the monorail servies started from Chembur to Wadala the fares are very low, however now the fares are increased to overcome the losses occurred. Earlier the minimum fare was rs 5/- now the minimum fare is 10 rs and earlier there were 7 slabs and now it became only 4 slabs the maximum being 20 rs now. This time smoke detectors also installed in monorail trains for safety purpose.

Kilo Meters Rupees
0-3 10
3-12 20
12-18 30
18-24 40